Episode 010: NJ Boxcar w/ Newman and Bnuts

Boxcar was a pop punk band based out of South Jersey. Their members were Derek, Newman, and Jay Battle who was later replaced by Bnuts.  Their sound was a nice mix of the Lifetime, Digger, Jawbreaker and the Cure, in my opinion. I reached out to Newman and he suggested getting Brendan AKA Bnuts on the call and the following conversation ensued –

In this interview, we talk about –

  • Where They Got The Name Of The Band
  • When Newman Started Playing An Upside Down Bass
  • How B-Nuts And Chris Jammed Years Before Being In Boxcar Together
  • The Comps That Were Always Being Put Out Back In The Day
  • Which Lifetime Album Is The Best One
  • Their Show With Donuts N Glory
  • The 7″ Artwork
  • What Their Songs Were Actually About
  • How A Digger Song Inspired One Of Their Best Songs
  • What It Was Like To Record With Steve Evetts
  • Their Decendents Cover Show No Black Friday This Year
  • Where Did They Want To Band To Go
  • Have They Kept Up With Their Punk Rock Ethics
  • And More

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