Episode 008: Promoting NJ Shows w/ Heath Miller

From 98-2001 My weekends were as follows: Go to a show to see local bands play or play said shows with my band Lanemeyer. Afterwords I would go to diners or random parking lots, smoke cigarettes and talk about life with friends I made from these shows.

Thanks to show promoters, like Heath Miller, anyone in the scene had something to do pretty much every weekend. Heath and a ton of other promoters saw that they could be the ones to organize events where we could all come together and create a ruckus. 

In this interview we talk about:

  • How some bands would do stupid shit
  • Kids that would just attend shows in certain areas
  • The equipment he started out with
  • How he always made sure to pay people what they were promised even if the show sucks
  • How bands would never turn down their amps so people could hear the vocals
  • How it’s sketchy for bands to stay and random peoples homes after a show when they are on tour
  • His dropkick Murphy’s show in Teaneck American legion where he crammed X people in the hall
  • His State Farm commercial at said legion hall
  • We do some googling about random band facts
  • How the kids these days are making more EDM
  • Shows that he’s still booking
  • How he beat fat mike in poker
  • Crazy stories about shows
  • And a ton more

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