Episode 006: Roadie Life w/ Bigwig. A Monkie’s Tale

Michael Cipriano, or Monkey as he is known by everyone, was the roadie for Bigwig for a stint in time. He got the gig after being asked by then guitarist Josh if he wanted to come on the road from them. He said he and 20 years later he’s being interviewed on my podcast. Lucky man.

In this interview we talk about:

  • How a can of food would take money off the cost of the shows back in the day
  • E. Town concrete getting him into a show for free
  • How he became Bigwig’s roadie
  • How josh from Bigwig worked as a taxi driver for Monkey’s dad
  • How his troubles with the law added issues for him getting into Canada
  • How he got rejected at the border with $30 in his pocket and no cell phone
  • His Orgy story
  • The story about John from Bigwig getting left behind at a truck stop
  • Being a drummer for Jettison
  • Our thoughts on PA people in general
  • Stories about Fletcher from Pennywise
  • How being on tours changed his life
  • And a ton more.

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