Episode 004: Humble Beginnings w/ Josh Dicker

Humble beginnings was a local New Jersey punk band that started in 1996. The roster consisted of Josh, Gabe, Delvecchio, Jeremy, at one point Eben from Saves The Day, Heiner and Conti.

Their sound was influenced by bands like NOFX and even the Beach Boys. Though they never made it to the status that lead singer/songwriter Josh initially envisioned, they were a staple in the New Jersey scene and good friends of mine back in the day.

I was lucky enough to get Josh on a call a few weeks back and ask him a ton of question about Humble and his thoughts on the scene.

In this interview we talk about:

  • How Seeing Bigwig Made Him Want To Quit Being In A Band
  • His Song Writing Bromance With Chris From Lanemeyer/Day At The Fair
  • A Brief Mention Of Ol Rebellion Even Though We Forgot Their Band Name In The Interview
  • How They Had A Hard Time Finding A Drummer With The Fat Wreck Speed Until They Stumbled Upon Blank 77 Loving Chris Delvecchio
  • Their Tour And 7” With Oblivion
  • The Business Of Music
  • Lots Of References To Nofx
  • His Favorite Nj Band
  • His Thoughts On The Get Up Kids “Something To Write Home About” Which Is Actually On Vagrant And Not Epitaph As Said In The Interview)
  • Faith 98
  • His Transition To Pop Country
  • How Liking Statuses And Social Media Posts Would Have Changed The Scene Back In The Day
  • And A Ton More

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