Episode 203: Jejune  w/ Joe Guevara

Jejune was an American rock band formed in 1996 at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. The band has been commonly identified with the emo genre, and was heavily involved with the scene at the peak of the “second wave” of emo in the mid-1990s. The three founding members, Arabella, Joe, and Chris, met while studying at the college. The band relocated to San Diego, California, in 1997. They have 3 releases which are Junk (1997) This Afternoon’s Malady (1998) and RIP (2000). I believe a lot of you have or had that split with Jimmy Eat World which we do discuss. 

I’ve tried for a while to get Joe on the Skype and I finally did and this is what we chat about.

  • Being roommates with the President of Geffin Records
  • Dropping out of Berklee
  • Rama from Big Wheel
  • Staying in touch with Jim from Jimmy Eat World
  • Will they ever have a reunion show
  • The split with Jimmy Eat World
  • His band I wish I
  • The Actuality of Thought video comp
  • Changing their sound on the second record
  • almost being kidnapped by Germans
  • And a ton more

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