Episode 152: Orange Island w/ Dave Gorman

Part 1

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Orange Island was a rock band based out of the town Clinton, Massachusetts. They wrote and recorded several demos before being signed to the Boston-based record label Iodine Recordings in 2000. The Shape of Calling was Orange Island’s debut album and shortly after its release, the band started touring the US with many well-known bands including Brand New, The Movielife, Breaking Pangaea, Kill Verona and others. They left Iodine and signed to Triple Crown Records and released a self-titled CD that was very well received by reviewers and the indie scene.

This is part 1 of 2 since this is a very long interview. Thank you to Casey Iodine (episode 134) for connecting me to Dave who I got on the Skype and this is what we chat about:

  • Working on a farm
  • Going through a lot of bass players
  • Iodine Records
  • Their album The Shape of Calling
  • Working with Matt Squire
  • And a ton more

Iodine has just re-issued and remastered their debut EP ‘The Shape of Calling’ digitally and they are working on vinyl reissues of their later recordings due out in 2022.

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