Episode 103: Dynamite Boy w/ Adrian Muñoz

Dynamite Boy was a pop-punk band from Austin, Texas. They were comprised of Sean Neil, Dusty Kohn, Adrian Munoz, and Sam Rich. They disbanded in 2005 after a ten-year career.

Monkey, the roadie extraordinaire from Episode 006, connected me to bassist Adrain Muñoz and this is what we talked about:

  • Craig from The Impossibles
  • The Bernardsville Church show
  • Getting on Fearless Records
  • Using Jim Cherry’s bass to record Finders Keppers
  • His thoughts on Somewhere in America
  • Their relationship with Fearless
  • Keeping up with the early 2000s
  • Sean quitting the band
  • His story that you def don’t want to miss
  • And a ton more

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