Episode 061: Piebald Roadie Life w/ Jon Cheese

Jon Cheese toured from 2002-2012 working for all kinds of bands as a tour manager/Merch guy. Some of these bands were Piebald, Cave In, My Chemical Romance, Apollo Sunshine, Limbeck, The Honorary Title, Meg & Dia, Big D & the Kids Table, Streetlight Manifesto, and The National. He did a weird T-Pain tour… and every Warped Tour from 2002-2011 (02/03 with Doghouse records and 04-11 with Side One Dummy Records.

I got him on the phone and here’s what we talked about:

  • Why it’s ok to not like some of the older punk bands
  • The origins of the name Jon Cheese
  • Possibly running Cave-in’s Merch
  • Finally remembering the name Aaron Kraft from many episodes ago
  • My arch nemesis from high school
  • The Morris County youth crew
  • Meeting Piebald
  • The My Chemical Romance story (this is fucking amazing)
  • Jesse from Motion City Soundtrack’s involvement in Jon’s marriage
  • Selling real estate to Fat Mike and other punk rock folks
  • And a ton more

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