Episode 026: The Fan Perspective w/ Doug Robinson from The Sleeping

This week I’m doing something slightly different by interviewing Doug Robinson of the Sleeping. Yes, the Sleeping was a band that formed in 2003 which is outside of my current premise of this podcast. However, Doug grew up in the late 90s scene as a young lad. He’s also from the same town as I am which is pretty cool. AKA Jefferson Twsp.

I wanted to get the viewpoint of someone who grew up going to the same shows as we did and ended up creating a band as our scene faded away.

This would also be a good time to mention that there are only 2 episodes left of Season 1 before I take a tiny break and launch season 2 where I already have a ton of interviews in the cue. I’ll tell you more about that in the next 2 episodes.

For now, here is what Doug and I spoke about: 

  • His sister making him learn how to dance to Selena
  • Getting shit on by people for liking Pennywise
  • His love for 6 Felter Place
  • Mt Arlington Elks Lodge
  • His conversation with Jimmy Eat World about Clarity and Chris Carraba playing at the Wayne Firehouse
  • The show where Random Task used TVs before they played even though I think this was the Escape Engine
  • Living with CJ from Red Rover
  • Squatting in his old house when his family moved to PA
  • Playing in front of 5,000 people
  • His Mariachi story about his future
  • And tons more

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